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The Ultimate Guide In Buying A Band Saw Blade

Selecting the right type of blade you require is an important part of being a professional woodworker. Most beginners use the wrong blades and then worry why their projects aren’t completed the way they want. You’ll need to carefully choose a band saw blade that works well for the situation at hand.

It’s not hard to find the right blade. Our main goal is to show you the best band saws for each available situation. We’ll give thorough reviews about the pros and cons of each product. Additionally, we’ll use consumer opinions to describe anything we might’ve missed out.

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Why Should You Choose Your Blade Carefully?

Here, you’ll understand how to safely change your band saw blades. Doing this ensures that you’ll remain safe throughout your projects and reduce the chance of injury. You will have a greater understanding of band saw safety and usage by the end of this article.

Dangers Of Choosing The Wrong Blade

According to blog, as a woodworker, safety is your main priority. Choosing the wrong blade is a mistake that needs to be avoided. Here are some of the consequences that could happen if you aren’t careful.

Hand Injury

This is most common amongst meat band saw users. Hand injuries occur due to a lack of proper care when cutting. Placing your hand close to the blade increases the risk of hand injury. We suggest keeping your hands at least 3 inches away to protect yourself from harm and to finish your project safely.

Motor Related Injury

Some woodworkers make the mistake of keeping the band saw motor on while they are away. Band saws are very dangerous if left alone, and you run the risk of injuring someone else when keeping the motor on.

Couple of bandsaw blades

To prevent this, turn the motor completely off every time you use your band saw. Leaving the motor on while you’re away causes the band saw to shake and move uncontrollably. Shut the motor off to prevent any unexpected injuries from happening.

Selecting The Right Blade

Knowing the right blade for your project can make a huge difference. Amateurs often forget this step; leading to less accurate cuts and more issues in the long-term. To prevent the hassle, we’re going to teach you how to select the right blade.

Blade Thickness

Getting the right thickness of the blade is important. Your blade is constantly exposed to heat which results into metal fatigue. Too much exposure leads to failure, making it harder for the band saw blade to work properly

The diameter of your blade wheels will determine the thickness of your blade. Thick blades offer the advantage of maintaining its shape when cutting from straight cuts. However, they tend to break when the blade begins to twist and bend.

Here is a table that displays the blade thickness in relation to the wheel diameter.

Blade Thickness

Wheel Diameter


4-6 in


6-8 in


8-10 in


11-18 in


18-24 in


24-30 in

.50” and .53”

30 inches & up

As you can see, the higher the wheel diameter, the thicker the blade. We suggest using lighter band saws for simple projects that require a small amount of work. Thicker blades should be used for straight cutting projects against heavy materials such as metals. ‘

Blade Width

The blade’s width requires two things. Your band saw’s maximum capacity. Second, the minimum radius that you plan to cut. This means how much wood or other materials your band saw can accommodate with without breaking and the radius size of the circle you want to cut.

Use the maximum width that your machine offers for cut-off sawing and re-sawing. This gives your cuts a polished and straight appearance. Also, you gain a strong feed rate without destroying your blades. Wider blades make it easier for you to cut with more precision and accuracy.

On the other hand, you’ll need a blade that’s narrow enough to cut the specified radius if you plan on doing contour sawing. The chart below shows the direct correlation between the blade’s width and the minimum radius size that will be cut.

Blade Width

Blade Radius








1 ½”


2 ½”




5 ½”



Types Of Blades

There are different types of blades depending on your needs.

Metal Cutting

Blades within this category are great power tools. They are durable enough to cut harder materials. But, they come at a disadvantage. Metal cutting band saw blades are constantly exposed to heat. This makes it hard for them to work properly and leads to them breaking.

Use a coolant to keep your metal blade safe. Coolants extend your blade’s lifespan by preventing it from rust. Make sure to get a coolant if you want the maximum utility out of your blade.

Starrett band saw blades are versatile and are sturdy enough to cut through almost any piece of metal. We suggest getting the Starrett Intenss Pro-Die if you need a powerful metal cutting blade.


Wooden blades are a great choice for beginner wood workers. This is because the blades are usually safer than metal blades and are easier to use. Also, Craftsman Band Saw Blades are a great example of wooden blades that work proficiently. These band saws are good for chopping pieces of wood and cutting training.

Using a bandsaw blade

While it may be great for simple applications, it’s still not as powerful as a metal cutting blade. Wooden blades should be used for simple projects only.

You run the risk of breaking your blade if you try to cut harder pieces such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Because of this, you’ll want to use wooden band saws to cut through simple and small pieces of stock.

Mobile Band Saws

Mobile band saws are great for quick project completion. Delta band saw blades are excellent mobile band saw blades and provide the highest level of cutting accuracy. While they are smaller than the other types, they make up for it with its extra portability.

You’ll find it easier to move mobile band saws around the shop and use them to chop up small pieces of stock. It’s a great choice for amateur and professional woodworkers who need a faster method to complete their products.

These band saws aren’t good when it comes to cutting stronger raw materials. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and steel are too heavy for this blade; which results in lower quality cuts in the end. We suggest using a metal cutting blade for complex projects that require more stability.

Meat Band Saws

For butchers, a meat band saw blade is an important accessory. It allows for different types of meat to be sliced by the machine. Starret Band Saw Blades is a great example of a meat band saw blade.

It’s powerful enough to cut through the bone of the meat, which leads to better cuts and better quality food. Meat band saw blades are perfect for butchers who need various types of met cut in a quick time frame.

A couple of bandsaw blades

Remember, safety should be your main concern when using a meat band saw blade. Most injuries related to band saws are due to using meat band saws. This happens because of the user’s lack of regard or misuse of the blade. Use meat band saws with caution to cut meats effectively while preventing injuries from occurring.

Our Top Band Saw Blades Recommendations

That being said, we are ready to get onto our review. In our review section, we’ll discuss four different band saw types that accurately cut your pieces.

The Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade

Technical Specs

  • Neutral Rake Type
  • Bimetal Finish
  • ​Regular Tooth Blade
Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade

Our Rating


Starting off our list is the Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade. It consists of a bimetal texture, which makes it easier for straight cuts.

One thing that makes it better than other woodworking band saw blades is its ability to cut low alloy steel. For instance, the blade can cut metals such as aluminum, steel, and non-ferrous metals. Thus, making it a versatile product that’s good for general cutting.

Consumers liked the durability of the blade. Since the blade is made of bimetal, it’s strong enough to cut through harder pieces of metal. Shoppers noticed how the blade can cut through multiple pieces of steel without losing quality. Because of this, you gain a long-lasting blade that’s serves as a useful addition to your shop.

However, one consumer noticed a bit of welder spatter after using the blade. Welder spatter consists of small molten droplets that occur during the welding procedure. They turn into small round shapes after they turn solid. You’ll want to avoid this product if you want a blade that cuts without any issues associated with it.

Overall, we believe that the Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade is great for metal cutting. It’s bimetal finish provides enough durability to cut through virtually any type of metal. While it does have a few issues with weld spatter, it’s still a great choice for amateur woodworkers who need an all-purpose saw blade.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Technical Specs

  • Low carbide steel
  • Requires Less Horsepower
  • ​Useful for thick-stock resawing.
  • ​Lasts longer and runs smoother
Timber wolf bandsaw blade

Our Rating


Next up is the Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade. It’s a wood cutting band saw blade that delivers high quality cuts. It’s offers faster cuts that wears less on the bearings of the band saw. This makes it a perfect choice for those wanting a blade that will last long.

The lower tension is its main advantage. Lower tension allows for the blade to follow along the line easier than other blades. This results in a smoother and clearer cut; making this a good blade for almost any project. You’ll like this blade if you like having a smooth process when cutting up stock.

But, there is a flaw associated with it. It has a lack of durability, and it breaks easily. For instance, consumers notice the weld failing within a few minutes of use. This is dangerous and can result to injury if the blade is left unattended. You might want to avoid this product because of its short life span.

Timberwolf band saw blades are always designed to the highest perfection. And this blade is no different. It gives the user a low tense blade that cuts hardwood, redwood, and plywood. You’ll want this blade if you’re an amateur woodworker who wants to improve their cutting skills.

DEWALT DW3984 24TPI Portable Band Saw Blade

Technical Specs

  • Alloy steel backer for extra fatigue resistance
  • 8% Cobalt Content
  • Matrix II steel edge​
  • ​Heat Resistant Blade
  • Durable tooth
dewalt dw3984 portable band saw blade

Our Rating


Third on our list is the DEWALT DW3984 24TPI Portable Band Saw Blade. It’s a small, yet powerful blade that can be used for basic and amateur wood working projects. Also, it’s mobile; making it easier to transfer and move around your shop. Basically, it’s an inexpensive blade that works well for simple cutting projects.

We like the DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade because of its reliability. For example, consumers like the product because of its heat resistant blade. It remains in good condition even during temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find this blade a great choice if you want a reliable replacement blade.

Watch out for the faults associated with this blade. Like most portable band saw blades it doesn’t have enough power to cut harder materials. While it’s great for cutting wood, this blade can’t cut through metal or aluminum. Avoid this if you need a portable blade that’s powerful enough to cut tough raw materials.

The DEWALT Portable Band Saw Blade is a basic portable blade. It’s good for cutting simple wooden pieces, but lacks the features to handle a full wood working project that require metal to be cut. Because of this, we recommend using it for only entry-level woodworking.

Cutlery Mania Band Saw Blade

Technical Specs

  • Heat Resistant Blade
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cuts through any Meat
Cutlery mania band saw blade

Our Rating


Last on our list is the Cutlery Mania Band Saw Blade. It’s a powerful meat band saw that’s designed for professional butchers. The blade helps in cutting meat, fish, pork, and lamb. Because of this, it’s a versatile blade that’s a great addition to a butcher’s arsenal.

Its primary advantage lies in its cutting proficiency. This meat saw blade is strong enough to cut through both the meat and the bone. Because of this, it’s a great metal blade that improves the overall effectiveness of your meat cuts.

Also, butchers like this blade because of its metal finish. This makes it easier to clean after usage and strong enough to handle most meats. The teeth are hard enough to power through food within a manner of minutes. You’ll want this product if you want something that’s useful and is easy to clean.

You’ll want to look out for the lack it’s lack of durability. Woodworkers noticed that the blade began to lose its effectiveness after extended usage. We suggest getting replacement blades of higher quality if you need a reliable meat band saw blade.

We believe that the Cutlery Mania Band Saw Blade is great for general butchering. For example, it’s proficient enough to power through most raw meats (pork, beef, chicken) and vegetables. Get this product if you want a meat band saw blade that’s efficient at cutting your meats.

The Verdict

The Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade is the winner. It’s a power tool that’s able to create complex shapes on virtually all types of metal. No matter which band saw you buy, you’ll find it a useful addition to your shop.

Do you have any experience with the band saws on this list?

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