JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Bandsaw Review

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Bandsaw Review

Finding the right bandsaw for your needs is simply a matter of considering what you want out of your product and the most cost effective way to go about getting those features in a bandsaw.

While online reviews are certainly a good starting point for your journey to find the best bandsaw, you will get the most out of knowing what to search for in your bandsaw and understanding why these traits are desirable.

This is certainly an easier process for someone who is accustomed to the operation of bandsaws and the discipline of woodworking in general.

Regardless, if you are just getting started with your woodworking and you want to find a bandsaw that is easy to use and affordable, we hope that our reviews can help you find something perfect for you.

You want your bandsaw to be both well constructed and affordable, so it helps to put these two aspects high up on your list of priorities when you are purchasing your bandsaw.

One consideration to make about bandsaws is that they are very expensive when compared to other tools, so you will want to ensure that your bandsaw is made with good parts and that it will last long.

While cutting out a few extra features to slash down the price of a bandsaw is acceptable if you do not make use of those features, you would not want to sacrifice build quality for better price.

The problem with sacrificing quality in your product is that it increases the chance of your product malfunctioning and it either requiring serious repairs or maintenance or even requiring you to purchase an entirely new product.

Durability for your bandsaw is also very important because your bandsaw can become very dangerous if it suffers a catastrophic failure. Typically, better-made models of bandsaws will not endanger your health even if they suffer a serious malfunction.

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch 3/4-HP horizontal/vertical bandsaw bottom part.

Cheaply-built bandsaws could possibly injure you during a failure because they are typically not engineered with redundancy and extra safety features in mind.

Finding the best-priced band saw is a matter of knowing which areas of your product you are looking for above all else. For example, if you are searching for a bandsaw which you know that you will only ever need once, it would be a wiser decision to instead rent out a bandsaw from your local hardware store, as it will cost you substantially less money.

On the other hand, if you are a contractor and you find yourself typically working in far more dirty areas with a high risk of your bandsaw falling or possibly being bumped, you will want to search for a product which is designed with durability in mind.

This will ensure that your bandsaw will last you for a long period of time as opposed to being a stopgap solution until you are forced to purchase a more reliable model.

About The Product


  • 7 x 12 inch capacity
  • Motor features power of ¾ HP with 115 volts
  • ​Blade speed options of: 85, 130, 180 and 285 feet per minute
  • ​5 inch throat depth
  • Two year warranty
JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch 3/4-HP horizontal/vertical bandsaw close-up.

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The JET 414459 is an excellent choice when looking for a bandsaw that is effective at cutting various types of metals. Due to the wide variety of selectable speeds and the powerful motor, this product is ideal for cutting through reasonably thin metal pieces.

This product also features a hydraulic feeding mechanism to ensure safe, reliable and consistent feeding into the blade.

This product comes on a wheeled base due to its weight. The wheeled base may seem unnecessary on other, smaller models of bandsaw, but this model from JET is very bulky even when compared to some of the least portable models of bandsaw available.


If you are looking for the most versatile bandsaw commercially available for a reasonable price, this model of bandsaw from JET is one of your best choices.

Due to the effectiveness of the blade and the motor working in combination, you will find that this bandsaw is ideal for cutting through a very large variety of materials very efficiently.

Whereas most other models of bandsaws will only be able to cut wood reliably, this model is designed to cut through many different types of metal with ease. The swiveling construction of this model also allows you to decide whether you would like to cut vertically or horizontally.

What Others Say

In the many customer reviews and testimonials, we have seen about this product, there are typically a few matters which stand out more than any others. The first of these is the price. Many customers take issue with the elevated price of the product.

However, it is rather reasonable when you consider all of the extra features included with this model.

Many other customers tend to comment on this model's durable build quality and excellent construction materials. This is a model of bandsaw which is meant to last for a long time, and it certainly feels like it is built that way.

Some reviewers warn that this model is meant for more advanced woodworkers and that it has a larger learning curve than most other options.

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch 3/4-HP horizontal/vertical bandsaw full view.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more expensive choices you can make in terms of finding the best bandsaw for your money online. This product is available for just under 2500 dollars on Amazon, so this product is meant for more serious woodworkers and metalworkers who need a very effective bandsaw.


If you need a bandsaw with adjustable vertical and horizontal options, you will find that the JET 414459 fulfills all of your needs and more. If you are willing to spend the money that this product's elevated price tag demands, it will certainly meet and exceed all of your expectations.

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